Biesal is great place for trips to nearby towns and cities. Staying here it’s advisable to visit places like:


Skansen w Olsztynku

· Heritage Park in Olsztynek – one of the oldest in Poland, its beginnings date back to 1909 and it covers an area of 39 hectares. On the parks area there are to be seen: village farm buildings from the region of Warmia and Mazury, the Vistula region, Barcja, Sambia, and Little Lithuania, also called Prussian Lithuania. The objects represent various functions: from dwelling houses,inventory and farming objects, to religious and “industrial’ ones, e.g. a water mill, four windmills, an oil mill, a forge, a smokehouse and a pottery workshop;



· The Grunwald Battlefield, where in 1410 one of the greatest battles in Europe took place. Every year in the fields of Grunwald there is put on a staging of the famous battle, which attracts thousands of people. However, that place is also worth visiting on other occasion to sightsee the whole area without any crowds, and to watch at Grunwald Battle Museum’s cinema scenes from the movie “Teutonic Knights”;


Sanktuarium Maryjne

· St Mary’s Sanctuary in Gietrzwałd – the place famous for revelations of the Virgin Mary of Gietrzwałd. The Basilica dates back to the XVI century and every year thousands of pilgrims from Poland and abroad come to Gietrzwałd in order to pray im front of the miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary of Gietrzwałd. Before leaving, pilgrims usually head for the miraculous spring to draw some water and take it back home with the hope of improving their health. There is also beautifully built and staying in harmony with the Gietrzwałd hills Way of the Cross;


Zamek w Olsztynie

· Being there, it is also recommended to see the Castle of the Warmian Chapter in Olsztyn built in 1346, where in the years 1516-1521 Nicolaus Copernicus lived. At the present time the castle houses the Museum of Warmia and Mazury, where You can see rich collection of tin, folk art works and sacred gold smithery;


Aquapark w Ostródzie

· Ostróda – a castle, ship cruises on a lake, cruise through the Elbląski Canal, canoeing rallies, aquapark;

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